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Koda the German Shepherd Loves His Heavy Duty Dog Crate!

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Koda, the 2 year old German Shepherd has canine separation anxiety and noise phobia. His parents are so happy and so is Koda that he can now retreat to his new indestructible heavy duty dog crate at the first sound of thunder. Koda seems to appreciate his new heavy duty escape proof crate as his personal den where he can feel safe and secure.

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  1. Karen Coleman Free

    August 13, 2015 at 4:08 pm

    We are the parents of KODA; and we were really having a trying time with KODA’s extreme storm and noise anxiety. It was tearing at our hearts seeing him suffer the way he responded to thunderstorms. He would hyperventilate, pace back and forth, and moan. He did break out of his wire crate. We were desparate to help him and tried everything: storm jacket, radio, fans, medication, etc. We searched the internet for additional help and found the Carry My Dog website. I called and talked to the owner,
    Bill Beavers; and he suggested the large impact aluminum crate that he offers. It is used by the military and police for their dogs.
    We ordered it; and, what a difference that crate has made in the life of our KODA !
    He loves HIS Crate! We put him in the crate every night and for all storms. He even goes in it on his own during the day. He feels safe in HIS crate. He knows he is secure and nothing can hurt him in HIS ‘DEN’.
    Thanks, Bill Beavers !!! We love you.     
    KC and AL Free and KODA, Greenwood, SC

    • Vivian Blazan

      June 1, 2017 at 7:51 pm

      Did you get the collapsible or non-collapsible? or was it the high anxiety one?

    • I wish they were more affordable 🙁 my dog Hondo is the EXACT same way. Hes torn through our garage by jumping the fence, the back door, gone through crate after crate… the blinds to get out the window…

  2. Andrew Hatling

    March 1, 2016 at 7:36 pm

    Which dog crate is this? We need a heavy duty one for our pup!

  3. tiania steward

    July 4, 2016 at 7:32 pm

    Is the crate still holding up? I have a female American pit bull terrier with noise phobia. She has chewed up her wire crates will this crate help? I really need a good strong crate.

  4. So glad I ran across this. My 100# 9 month old German Shephard freaks out when I leave and destroyed his wire kennel (which he normally loves and freely goes in when I’m home). While out, he chewed up our Baker chair (thousands of dollars) plus a coffee table from Arhaus and more. I love him so much but he needs an escape proof crate so that he doesn’t get into trouble. Desperate for help in Atlanta!

  5. It’s a prison for your dog!

  6. Make sure you leave water in there.

  7. What size is this crate

  8. Thank you for this video Bill. My nine month old GSD Raja is also like Koda featured here. My beautiful boy gets TONS of both loving attention and lots of exercise, so that is not the problem. He freaks out when I leave the house- even though I have three other dogs, so I am currently searching a safe space for him as well. He keeps breaking out of my large wire crate or injuring his snout via trying to get out. ‘Will definitely look into investing in something like this crate. Thanks again to you and to the owners of Koda. =)

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