Joe Blankenship a Certified Professional Canine Training Expert. Today taking his knowledge and excellence into Central Illinois location. He finished his Schooling in 2006 and became an Approved Humane Investigator through Illinois Humane in 2014.

Dog Class Professional Dog Training: Springfield,IL

Joe Blankenship Canine Obedience Class gets together 3 times weekly. You come as often as fits in your routine. The courses tend to be done in stages. You start in amount 1 and undertake at both you and your dogs pace. Joe will let you know if you’re ready to proceed to the next degree. If you are missing for a period of time like a holiday you merely go back to the class you’re in-you so you will never miss on the lessons.

Joe recommends all family unit members including kids participate in it. With young children we put 2 leashes on the pet dog aided by the adult obtaining the controlling leash. Your dog should learn commands and obey instructions from all nearest and dearest.

At the end of level 6 you have the option to have your dog tested for the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certification.

Joe Blankenship Professional Dog Training Offers:
Basic to Advanced Obedience
Behavior Modification
Scent Detection
Private and Group Instruction

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4232 N Peoria Rd,
(217) 971-3857